Pages with 0 hits / "graveyard" pages



I have been asked to implement something similar to this: Web analytics: Find your graveyard pages with no visitors

Would it be fairly straightforward to iterate through URLs to find hit counts via Report Builder? Or is there a better way?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




you can do it by report builder (or whatever "matching" tool you like to compare page names).

i would do the following first:

1) new workspace project with time range of last month (or whatever is suitable for your graveyard definition)

2) add "page" as dimension and "page views" as metric

3) add a second column with "page views" and a long time range (eg. 3 years). order asc by this col

this will show you all pages that had at least one page view in the long time range - hopefully all graveyard pages had at least one hit and shiw up at the top of the report ...

faster than report builder and manual comparison, but not complete ...