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I have an application which has multiple pages (say A, B and C), and each page has a common link placed on each of them. I want to track what all pages did he navigated and how many times user click on the link and from which page.

Table should look like:

User X  Count   UsageLinkCount

PageA :10               3

PageB : 4                1

User Y  Count   UsageLinkCount

PageA:  16             6

PageB:   7              2

I play around with 3 things:

Page(Page), Username(eVar) and  LoggedInCount (Success event1) and LinkClickCount(Success Event2)

I have applied Analytics like this:

a) Track how many times person logged in  - When a person successfully logged in, Fire a direct call rule with Page(Landing page value) and eVar(logged in person's name), SuccessEvent1(With value as logged in person's name) => this is working fine

b) Person go from Page A to Page B - - Fire a direct call rule with Page value as B and eVar(logged in person's name)

c) Person click on link from Page B - Fire a Direct call rule with Page value as B, eVar(logged in person's name) and SuccessEvent2 (With value as logged in person's name)

Problem is, in step b when person navigate between pages, Page gets incremented, but in Step C again Page gets incremented along with usage link click event value.

Is that the right approach?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The Page variable uses something called linear allocation, which means that all pages get credit for a success event in a given visit.

The best way to work around this is by passing page name into an eVar, then using that eVar for your success event reporting needs.

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