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Wantje81 04-05-2018

I am looking at Visit Depth (Pages per Visit) in Workspace to understand the distribution of the amount of pages seen in one visit.

What I don´t understand, how can I have less page views associated to an amount of pages per visit than pages seen in that visit.

To make it a bit more clear, at the end of my visual I see a table like that... How can the number of page views e.g. only be 243 if I have 1232 pages seen in that first visit?

Thanks, Antje

Visit DepthVisitsPage Views
Pages per Visit: 12321243
Pages per Visit: 12541265
Pages per Visit: 13421253
Pages per Visit: 13551302

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Waqas_Rafiq 04-05-2018

Hi there,

Have a look at this article. Hit Depth 
You will most likely need to use hit depth because you are looking at getting pages per visit. The article explains things quite well.


Wantje81 04-05-2018

Hi Waqas,

thanks for your answer.

I already looked at the page depth, and as some of the pages had pretty high values there I got the idea to investigate the visit depth in detail. Unfortunately neither the page (or hit) depth nor the visit depth can be applied on only a part of my report suite (a segment).

But it was a interesting hint.