Page Names showing multiple times on report due to case sensitivity within URL



With the page name being case sensitive I am seeing the same page show up in my reports multiple times

For example, I have pages that show up like this (, like this ( and (  They all land on the same page, but the reports are listing them as 3 separate pages.

Is there a way to combine these pages in the reports?


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the Analytics Community. 

It is a best practice to not use URL's as pagename's to avoid a situation like the one you are facing. Here is an article on best practices -

Now that you are getting separate pages, you can look into creating a processing rule to modify the page URL. Here is a similar example -

You can also take the classification route and combine the three page URL's into a single classification.

Feel free to ask further questions.


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