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I am pulling a pages report to filter to only pages with category in their name. Our website catalog pages all start with that structure after the domain name. When I pull a pages report, I also see the URL structure after the domain and full URL entries in the report. I have an screenshot from the debugger showing the page name that is set up but in the report I also get key metrics on the following entries below. PV, Visits and Uniques are lower on the other entries than the real page name but when I sum them all, it is a noticeable number missing. As an example in the Pages Report - lines 11, 13, 22 are correctly labeled. Lines 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, are examples of the data after the domain being passed and lines 24 and 25 are examples of the full URL being listed.  

Why is this happening? Should there not only be one entry for each page (with the defined page name)? It is very difficult for me to get an idea of how our catalog pages are doing if I don't have data aggregated like it should be in the report and causing me to add numbers manually together. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

category:general-anesthesia: Z05-CA14_01_15

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Accepted Solutions (1)



For case where full URL is being reported, I noticed that it gets captured for an "error page" (We cannot find the page you are looking for). pageName variable does not get set here & by default page URL is captured in pageName report in Adobe Analytics.

Regarding examples of the data after the domain being passed, try to break down pages report by Visitor Profile -> Technology -> Browsers (additionally by Operating System as well) & see if it gives more info. about issue w.r.t. Technology.



Saurabh Kumar.

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