Page Name value is not matching the correct path of the event fired?

engineer_kt 14-01-2020

When clicking on a button on our page "Verify", the user has the option to click on a link that fires an event with the identifier, "Consumer Verify - Choose Verification Options Button". That is is captured in the eVar74. However, our Page Name value is "/pay/method" and the eVar4 is "/pay/method - Consumer Verify - Choose Verification Options Button".


The actual data in Adobe is registered as:


Page Name: /pay/method

eVar4: /pay/method - Consumer Verify - Choose Verification Options Button


The expected data should be:


Page Name: /pay/verify

eVar4: /pay/verify - Consumer Verify - Choose Verification Options Button


/pay/method is the page that the user is going to, not the page where the event was triggered. Why is the Page Name value not capturing the correct path, (/pay/verify)? What are the potential reasons why this may be happening and where should I look in the configuration to see if the Page Name is set up correctly?

I am new to Adobe and my point of contact in my company is 10 1/2 hours away IST and I'm trying to provide some possible solutions. Thanks.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 21-01-2020

When it comes to button and link tracking I strongly recommend you enable Activiy map tracking reporting.


It is excellent and automates most of link tracking/reporting needs. It by default captures button clicks on their designated pages(provided you code is correct).


Now in terms of custom events...


Pagname is typically set on Pageload completion. If event is click based its post page load. You then need to ensure you also add pagename reference at time of button click or else it will then be attributed on next page. Also eVars how are you setting it. Is it instance or session based? If session based it can follow users which seem like in this case you do not want it to do so.

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