Page load time capture in Angular JS 4 and above

tirumalac260025 19-12-2017


We have implemented adobe through DTM for our Angular JS site. We are getting the page name and other custom tagging details, but noticed the page load time is same for across all the pages until that particular page is refreshed.

Will the same plug in work what we are using for J query or any other additional changes need to be done.

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

aseelund 19-12-2017

Do you have a data layer, or a key you can update with start and stop times to record angular's time of execution on client side?

Usually pageloadtime involves the data response time from request to response handling, maybe you could embed the response time into your api responses to provide detail to the frontend and measure the loadtime of data / ui update execution time?

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Answers (1)


Agreed with AJ here, you'll want to double check what the page load time is currently measuring, and adjust the plugin accordingly.