Page Load Events/Rules only firing half of the time?




I'm having an issue with some fairly large discrepancies regarding DTM Rules and Adobe Analytics displaying the results.

We have a Page Load Rule set to fire event 99 on /AddVehicles page called Start Quote, however those numbers do not match the number of visits to that page. Its only showing that the rule fired 52k times when there were 83k visits.


Here are the DTM Conditions:


Additionally, we have a Direct Call Rule set up to fire on the same page that should trigger some non-sequential third party tags (AdWords, Kenshoo, Twitter, Floodlight, etc) in addition to firing event 1 in Adobe Analytics which we have named Add Vehicles Page Load. As you can see in the first image, that custom event is firing even less than the Start Quote Page Load rule. (42k)

Shouldnt all of these numbers be the same? or at least closer than they are? I inherited this suite setup, so I didnt implement them, but Im thoroughly confused as to why the events arent much closer to the number of visits if they are set to Direct Call and Page Load conditions.

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Is this page based on a type of SPA(single page app)?


If it is you may be encountering a race condition.


If I understood correctly you have 2 rules here? One of which you added some 3rd party tags.

Add vehicles Pageload

Quote start