One-page checkout with multiple calls - counted as multiple page views?



Hello all,

I'm dealing with an eCommerce site that uses a one-page checkout. At each step of this page (billing info/shipping speed) I see it is firing an Adobe Analytics server call with the various variable values. There is an eVar for 'previous page name' which updates to 'checkout' after the first AA call.

What I am trying to determine, is whether each of these calls count as a new pageview or not. So far, the flows I've looked at in Adobe Analytics have not showed checkout > checkout as two subsequent steps, but I'm new to AA and don't know if this is normal.

The reason I'm questioning it, is my pageviews per visit on the checkout page are at 1.3. Order confirm page views/visit is right around 1.0

Thank you for any advice on how to get a definitive answer here.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If you are looking at requests in the browser, check for pe and pev2 parameters.

If the parameters are not present - it is a page view

If the parameters are present - it is a non-page view (custom link, download link, exit link)


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