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I’m new to Omniture tracking, I’ve done some reading of the documentation and I think I have a handle on how it works. My question is specifically about the flow of data. For example I need to track submission of a form - an event. My code is as follows:

In the footer of each page I have:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> = My Site”;Omniture_s.pageName = Track this page”;Omniture_s.prop1 = "My Test Omniture Project”;Omniture_s.eVa5 = Omniture_s.prop1;var s_code = Omniture_s.t();if (s_code) document.write(s_code);</script>

The above should populate the generic variables which each page load requires.

Then in a separate .js file which is included after the above I have the following to track the form submission:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">$( '#form-contact' ).submit(function() { = "events1";;event.preventDefault();});</script>

Does the flow and logic look correct here. I’m a little concerned because in the Adobe Cloud Debugger that I have setup I see 3 requests. The first doesn’t track the form submit (the initial page form page load) but the 2nd and 3rd requests do. Is this correct? I’m worried about tracking the submit click multiple times and corrupting my stats.

Thank you in advance.


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