% of the customers click the SignOff button/link at the end of their checkout



I'm looking to track the percentage of customers that click the SignOff button at the end of their checkout. Currently im able to pull the amount of logged in customers for a given day but am having difficulty finding the metric to the answer I need. Any help is appreciated! 

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You can probably create an s.event for this, with the variable triggered when the button is clicked. This will allow you to create a segment in which the s.event exists after a transaction, and another segment in which the s.event does not exist after a transaction.



Does the sign off button bring you to a signed out page? Can you get to the signed out page any other way? Dependant on answers you can then calculate visitor seeing signed out over a logged in page. You might need to tighten segment with link name to narrow to just those clicking the sign out button