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Hi team,

Does anyone know if there is a way to upload classifications in a numerical format so it can easily be passed into a metric. For example, if I wanted to upload the number of units returned per order (classifying against order ID), or the revenue value of returns per order? I'd want to be able to see the values at an order level but also roll them up to a total figure.

I've looked at numeric classifications, but it appears that these have been discontinued (Numeric 2 classifications overview). My understanding is that text classifications won't allow for this type of data to be easily passed into metrics.

Does anyone have any ideas / work arounds for this?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



What I have done in the past relies on a few things.

We treat the Product return as a new purchase Item.

We then capture its name as a product- return. , Units, and $ amounts then apply. Our system then happened to then also need 2 transaction Ids. 1 for the originating one had to match. 1 For the new action of a credit in essence.

It has some challenges but we found it useful. We could then report at a transaction level or by the sum of return products.


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