Numeric & Currency events - How to breakdown?

carlos_santos 09-08-2017

Hi there!

I have a loan simulator and every time a simulation is submitted it fires two events with the loan term and amount. The information in Adobe Analytics is being shown as the total, and that's useful, but I would like also to have the breakdown. Example:

Simulation 1

Amount: 500$

Term: 24 months

Simulation 2

Amount: 1000$

Term: 12 months

Simulation 3

Amount: 300$

Term: 12 months

The information for these 3 simulations in AA will be shown as the totals/sum:


Term: 48 months

How can I get the a report saying that there were 2 simulations with "term=12" and one with "term=24"? And the same for the amount?

It's possible, right?

PS: Im using DTM.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


i think you need an evar on the same event where you save the single values. then you can see the single values and the occurencies.

the counter-events are just for totals, maybe as well for calculating medians (calculated metric with "event/visits"