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I'm looking to measure the number of unique products viewed per visit. I thought this would be relatively simple to achieve but it appears not. Consider this scenario - A visit includes a view of the following pages:

Page View 1: Homepage

Page View 2: Product Page A

Page View 3: Product Page B

Page View 4: Product Page A

Page View 5: Product Page C

Page View 6: Product Page A

The question I would like to answer is 'How many products did the user view in the visit?' The correct answer should be 3 (Product Page A, B and C). How would I achieve this in Adobe Analytics? Do I need to use Event Serialization? I've tried setting an event with the Product ID, for example event12:productA and then in the Adobe Analytics Admin console setting the Unique Event Recording to 'Use Event ID' but this resulted in very low numbers.

Is there something else I need to do? Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



You should be able to do this pretty easily if you're willing to jump over to excel to sum a column.

Start by creating a segment to only show product page hits and then create a freeform table with your product page dimension on the left side, then pull in visits as your metric along the top. You'll want to sum the entire visits column in a program like Excel (which is not the same as the de-duped visit number you'd see at the top in workspace). If you have more than 400 product pages, then you might want to tackle this in Report Builder.

Then divide the total summed number of visits on each product page (summed in excel) by the total deduplicated visit number in workspace. This will give you the average number of product pages by visits who view at least one product page.

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Hi, I have a similar question. I want to see how many unique products were ordered.

Order 1:     1x Product A

                  1x Product B

Order 2:     2x Product A

The answer to "How many unique products were ordered?" should be 2. I only have a metric for the total product quantity ordered which would tell me that 4 products were ordered (for the example).

Thank you in advance.