Nothing changed when replacing dev with the prod package




I am going to publish a project so I replaced the old Adoeb analytics package (dev) with the prod version, and I also replaced the Config file,which contains "REMOVED": "REMOVED", I run the app on many devices, but the data still appear in the dev tab, no data in prod tab.

any suggestions?

Thank You

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi SalahJaber​,

First of all I would suggest that you do not post your actual report suites on forum or any public discussion as others can use that to sent bogus traffic to it and corrupt your reporting. As of now you can edit your post to remove the RSID mentioned.

To check if the config has reflected, the first check you can have is by verifying the calls which are fired from the App. If the calls are firing correctly and still you do not see the data in reports I would suggest that you capture a Charles session and reach out to ClientCare team (secure channel for analysis) by writing to "". If you are not a Supported User, connect through any of the Supported Users in your organization.

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