Not getting the total price of the product ( rate * quantity), instead getting only unit price passed in the s.products string



Hi Team,


Please help me here.  In the s.product string contains skuID, unit price & quantity firing on the order confirmation page along with purchaseID & purchase event. However on the revenue metrics I am seeing only the unit price instead of total price value. So can you please help me how to get the total price in the revenue metric & what all ways to solve it.


s.products = ";abcd;100;12";

Revenue metrics reports value = 100(unit price)

Units metric = 12


I am looking for total price of the product, revenue should report value = 1200.  Any help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You need to track the total price x quantity in the s.products string. So in your example, it should be

s.products = ";abcd;1200;12";