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Hello Experts,

Is there any way to get "Next Page List" if I set rule for 2 levels of previous page?

For example, I want to see: Page B's next page list only for those Page B's previous page is Page A (not the Entry Page)

I tried several ways: Flow in Workspace, Full Path, Path Finder, Next Page Flow, etc., there's limitation in respective reports.

E.g., Path Finder can only have 4 level, Full Path cannot get the List of Next Page, and I didn't mean Page A is the Entry Page.

Related to this question, How to find "Next Page List" if I set path contains: Page A Then Page B?

E.g. Enter > Page C > Page A > Page D > Page B > Page E > Page F > Exit will be counted

Enter > Page C > Page B > Page A > Page E will NOT be counted.

I tried to set "Segment": Page equals to A then within 1 visits Page equals to B, but the result is not correct.

The only way I can see is the Datawarehouse, set pagename (prop) to B, drag Previous page, Pagename, Next Page, Visits inside, and do multi-times, for Page A as well then manually exclude/include in DB tools.

Please advise.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You will want to use a combination of segmentation and pathing.

Create a sequential segment where it pulls in all visits with page A then page B. From there, you can use a workspace flow or view the next page flow report to get what you're looking for.

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