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Hi all,

I am having trouble viewing the full URL on the Next Page Flow Report. Using the Graphical view, i have 3 levels showing but i only can see the domain name. Is there a way to expand the view for the flow or is there a way to label the pages?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Next page flow is a bit limited once you want to look at more than 2 levels and easily report on them.

It sounds like workspace flow analysis is an option for you. It has the ability to make deeper flow charts as far as levels. Then you could export an excel file that gives you the labeled views by column.

good luck

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Answers (1)




Have you tried looking at the 'Tabular' report type instead of the 'Graphical' one within the next page flow report?
Else, you can run the report using Report builder or using Workspace or Adhoc analysis.Thanks!