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scotto18071961 20-12-2018


Wondering how new vs. repeat visitors are defined? In the production environment I am on, new vs. repeat visitor is eVar 39 and doesn't have a definition.

Is new vs. repeat defined on the basis of whether the person had their first visit during the measured time period? If so, what is the comparison time period?

Thank you for your help!


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Accepted Solutions (1)


hi scotto18071961

Adobe Analytics might have default segments or at least you can easely create them yourself, see here: Compare new visitors to return visitors

Basically you are looking at the visit number of the visitors: if a visitor has at least one visit with a visit number higher than 1 (2 or higher) the visitor is segmented as "returning visitor". all others are segmented as new visitors. be aware that this is not depending on the timeframe you are looking at rather segmenting the visitors in their whole history!

But: in your question you mention eVar39. I assume that this value might come from your tracking implementation. that means, someone might have installed the plugin getNewRepeat. basically this plugin tracks information and allows the mentioned reporting. Best have a look at your tracking implementation.

Remark: use segments heres why:

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