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I am a bit confused with the conception of New Visitors in Adobe that says "exclude visitors with more than one visit".

In this case I have Number of Visits and number of Unique Visitors equal.

What if I want to know: in a period chosen (2 month) how many visitors came to my site for the first time and what happened to them, did they return during these two month (more than two visits), how many times... When I apply "New Visitors" segment I have only those that came for the first time and don't return anymore during 2 months period.

Please if you have any idea I would appreciate it very much.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




i made some testing and come up with the following solution which might give you the numbers you need:

Segment 1: New visits in the last 2 month

what it does: select all "visits" where visit number is "1" and time range is last 2 full month (must be added as "custom time range").


Attention: the numbers of "visits" and "unique visitors" are the same since you only select the "visit-container" with "visit => visit number = 1".

Segment 2: New visitors in the last 2 month

What it does: same as above, but show all visits of those visitors. it is same as above, but the visit condition is within a visitor container!


Segment 3: new visitors in the last 2 month with more than 1 visit

what it does: add segment 1 in a visitor container and "dublicate" for visits number greater 1. this way it selects visitors who had a visit with number 1 and a visit with a visit number greater than 1.


Segment 4: New visitors in the last 2 month with only 1 visit

What it does: same as Segment 2, but "exclude visitors with visits greater 1". you need to exclude a visitor container to really exclude all visitors who had more than one visit!


Calculated metric: Visits per visitor

what it does: show the average number of visits per visitor



if you put all in one table, it would look like this (i hope you can read it ...)


i hope this helps

kind regards


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Answers (3)




For 3rd segment: if you build it like below


Then you have all returning visitors, new and old. That is why he used also the visit number=1 condition.

For the 4th segment: if the visitors with more than 2 visits are not excluded you'll have only new visitors with one or more visits.

Since all the segments are related to new visitors some extra conditions need to be added.



Hello andreis65119307,

Thanks for your reply.

So the 3rd segment includes all the visitors on webiste.

But from the OP, my understanding is, he/she would like to know:

in a period chosen (2 month) how many visitors came to my site for the first time....did they return during these two month (more than two visits)...

So he/she wants to know whether the visitors who came to his/her site first time returned, but not "all visitors"

So that's why I didn't really understand how segment 3 works.

Maybe a "THEN" is better than "AND"?





Hello Urs,

I read your content today and have one question on segment 3:

since all visit = 1 and visit > 1 are included, does it equal to "all visit > 1"? since there was no visitor include visit = 0

Also have question on segment 4, why needs to exclude "visitor level" of visits > 1?

Please help to clarify.