Need to move the particular data (URL) to Dev Report Suite




We have set of some URL's (pre-prod or preus data) which we don't want those data to production report suite. Is there any specific option that can we move this up coming data to Dev report suite directly instead. Please let me know for any other information.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You can override the Adobe report suite using a data layer variable and an extension in Tealium.

See the Tealium help documentation here:

So what you would do is:

  1. Create a data layer variable to hold the report suite ID you want to use.
  2. In the tag settings for your Adobe tag, map this variable to s_account (see screenshot in above link about 1/3 down the page)
  3. Create a "Set data values" extension, where you set the variable created in step 1 to your test report suite. Set a condition for the extension to run, for example. "URL contains xxx" or Domain equals yyy".

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Answers (5)




If you have not taken a look at Launch or heard of it yet this might be a solution that could work. You can still use Tealium as your overall TMS but you can use Lanuch for special cases like this.

Launch is really flexiable in this way as you dont have to “marry” the solution, you can just date it when needed (thanks Jordan for that quote)

it might be something to consider here to help with this situation. I will be at Sunmit teaching during pre-conf training so if you are there feel free to look me up.

Adobe Cloud Platform Launch FAQ



We have an option to drop our script on the extension in Tealium. However, struggling for the code to move the URL's data to dev report suite.



I have never used Tealium but see if it has a similar function to DTM where you create a new instance of a code master file(associated to your DEV rsid). Then assign it to just those pages you want reporting to dev.

In DTM you can even create subdomain rules that say

If URL contains(, then RSID = stg RSID.

Similar function in Tealium?



If you are using older analytics H code just specify the RSID(dev report suite ID).

If using DTM then you should be able to specify a code set pointing to the desired report suite. ID