Need answer on setting this list1 variable



Could please help to find out the answer for the below question. We suspect it is C and just want to confirm the same.


An Adobe Analytics developer needs to track what ads users see during a visit to the site using

Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM):

Variable name: List1

When/where to set All pages when the ad appears on the page.

Business requirement: Track what ads the user sees in a visit

Variable Settings:

Name Ads

Delimiter: |

Expire after visit

Allocation: Full

The developer creates an event-based rule triggering on enters viewport which sets the ad name into

a custom variable "ad name". Which task should the developer use to set list1 in the Adobe Analytics

section of the rule?

A. Put the following code in the rules Adobe Analytics Custom Page Code: s.list1= '%ad name%";

B. Set %ad name% in each of the rules Adobe Analytics hierarchy 1 fields and set the Delimiter to |

C. Put the following code in the rules Adobe Analytics Custom PageCode; s.listl = _satellite.getVar('ad


D. Set %ad name% in the rules Adobe Analytics list1 field and set the Delimiter to |


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Is this question on one of the Analytics exams?

DTM doesn't (and won't) have list var support, and Launch will be supporting list vars sometime in 2019. So I would agree that the answer is C.

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