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I'm trying to send data in on an eVar and struggling with the architecture of how to do it.

Users can select any number of states, and I would like to know which states they choose.

I could just comma delimit all the states on the evar and only populate each state's "cell" with the state's value when it's selected? Then break it out with classifications. That's the best I've got so far, but that would add each state as a dimension, which I'm not sure is the best approach for analysis.

Using 1 evar and classifications, what's the best approach for sending in some-to-many known values at once?


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Accepted Solutions (1)





I would prefer to use a prop and make it a list prop by using a delimiter of my choice in the admin settings. This will enable to accept multiple values in the same prop. In reports, I can see the occurrence for each value chosen by the user in different rows. The only issue using a list prop that it only accepts 100Chr max. which can be solved using a shortcode for each value.  Better if this is an issue I will go for listVar which does the same job as above but allows 250 values having max 255 Chr for each of them.

useful links:

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Answers (2)



Thank you! We have not yet used our list vars so I had forgotten they are an option. I will look into both your options, but they sound promising.




Dear Mooreevan,

I would suggest ListVar if you are going to attribute conversion metrics to it.

Yes, once you tag, the states will be captured as individual line items. If you want to understand the customers those have selected 2/3/n states together, you should go for Segmentation.

If you have lesser states (The character of all the states combined together including delimiter is less than 255 Character Bytes), I would prefer an Single eVar sorted properly by Ascending or descending order to capture it.

Let's say, a customer selecting Agra and Delhi, then eVar would be 'Agra,Delhi'. Now we can understand the instances/conversion metrics with two states together and then classifying it based on delimiter also to understand individual state.

The portion is little tricky, so decide it wisely.

Thank You!