Multiple report suites in the same virtual report suite

jtombal 30-01-2019


Do you know if it's possible to have a virtual report suite recovering information from multiple report suites ? The point is we need to create a virtual report suite with the information from multiple domains (each domain is a unique report suite). Do you know if this is possible ? If now, is there anything we can do to have this kind of mix of data between multiple report suites?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


It's not possible to create a virtual report suite based on multiple standalone suites.

If your goal is to merge the data of several suites consider using a Rollup report suite. However, carefully consider the limitations that apply to them as this may not satisfy your needs.

Read for more info >> Rollup and Global Report Suites

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

jtombal 11-02-2019

Hi Andrey, Ishan,

thank you for your responses.

I agree implementation of a global report suite in combination with virtual report suites that split up the data is the right approach.

Something we have positive experience with multiple clients.

This was a one-off where the merge is requested post-implementation - we'll look into both options. Either Rollups with the mentioned disadvantages or indeed changing the implementation.

TLD;r Global report suite with split-up per virtual report suite is the way to go.


Currently, it's not possible to create a VRS on multiple parent suites. As Andrey mentioned, Rollups can be one of the options, however it has several limitations that might not achieve your full purpose.

Additionally, you may consider changing your implementation to have a global report suite receiving data from all the domains in addition to the respective domain suites. Though, this might involve additional cost.