Mouseover Bug: Showing Data on Graph Mouseover



Has anyone else noticed this anomaly?  In certain situations, a graph that would otherwise display data when mousing over a particular element does not display it as expected.

Doesn't work:




I've found that by either hiding the side panel or zooming out on the page helps, but this is not necessarily intuitive to the business users we have accessing our Workspaces for regular reporting.  Some users are simply coming to the Workspace to make a cursory review of metrics on a regular basis, and having to provide instructions to change the zoom on their browser or hide the components bar is troublesome for people who are not frequent users of the tool.

Wanting to validate if this is an anomaly on my end or if others have a similar issue.  I'm currently using the most recent version of Google Chrome, but this issue has been annoying me for quite a while.  Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Dear Jeff,

I tried this in workspace with different browser agent/differernt zoom size and i can see the data labels very properly. there are no issues from Adobe/Browser end.


This could be due to maintenance Adobe Status ​, If you are still facing issue then contact cutomer care:


Capabilities affected: Reporting(Data Warehouse Reporting, Live Stream, Analytics Reporting Engine, Calculated Metrics, Data Feeds, Segmentation),

Collection(Mobile App and Web Collection, Video Collection, Data Sources, DB Vista Upload),

Analysis(Data Workbench, Live Stream Triggers, Anomaly Detection, Contribution Analysis, Segment Compare, Virtual Analyst: Alerts),

Processing(Enrichment, Attribution, Classification),

Integration(Customer Attributes, Analytics Data in AMO, Analytics for Target, AAM Data in Analytics, Audience Export, Campaign Data in Analytics, Data Connectors, Mobile App: Campaign),

Delivery Interface(API-Web Services, Ad Hoc Analysis UI Reporting, Report Builder, Scheduled Reporting, Reporting, Bulk Ingest API, UI-Activity Map, UI-Analytics Admin, UI-Analysis Workspace, UI-Reports and Analytics, API-Analytics Admin, API-Live Stream, API-Saint Import, API-Data Insertion),

Mobile Services(Push Messaging, Acquisition, InApp Messaging, Mobile Services UI)

Impact scope: This maintenance event may not affect all customers.

Last update: We’ve completed service maintenance


Kumararaja K

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Hi Jeff,

It should be a bug, I check in Workspace no issue found.

I would suggest you raise a ticket with Adobe Client Care by dropping an email to with the clear screenshot.





OK, very good.  I wanted to make sure there weren't others experiencing the same thing before alerting customer care to this issue.

Thanks again!