Monthly Trend of YoY % Change

dbachota 30-04-2019

Is there a way to trend the YoY % change calculation? Currently, compare time periods is disabled for time dimension rows.

I'd like to be able to create something similar to the below in Adobe Analytics--where I can see how one segment varied YoY compared to how another segment varied YoY.

Example of desired output:


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brentrad 01-05-2019

It sounds like you want to generate a YoY calculation based off a floating date range rather than a specific date (i.e. Today, Yesterday). This is similar to an idea that was floated a couple of months ago: Workspace - rolling dates / date range compare. The last comment in the idea said that it was being mulled over.


I'm not sure about this one off the top of my head, I'd need to think it over some more. Let's see if others chime in.

Another place to pose this question would be on #measure Slack as well! #Measure Slack Invite Request . There is an #adobe-analytics channel with ~4800 members.