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Hello All. 

I don't believe this capability exists today but I thought I'd ask just in case someone has figured this out.

Within the realm of implementing Adobe Analytics, it is traditional to use debuggers to spot check which beacon calls fire (and don't fire) when users flow through the user experience.  During this effort its easy to catch situations where the wrong beacon call is firing and when beacon calls are double firing.  Manually checking for these situations can be done but it takes time and can slow down the release cycles of the applications being released.

At my company we are having a hard time keep up with all the changes and updates to the agile development cycles so we are looking for more efficient ways of capturing implementations issues where the beacon calls are double firing.

One way of checking for double firing beacon calls is to use Page Reloads.  Which would tell us if the same page name came in two s.t beacon calls in consecutive timestamps.  This assumes that we don't have two screens with the same page name, which for us isn't always the case:

     (For example, think about the home page single click log in scenario - home unathenticated click sign in and load home authenticated.  same page

      name on two consecutive s.t beacon calls OR think about a single page app where a click actually reloads a different version of the same page, without

     IT help we can only track the first page load and the button click so we tag the button click as a s.t beacon with the same page name (with a different

     attribute) to make sure we have page view continuity).

But forgetting these edge cases, Reloads could potentially be one way for us to check if a single page view beacon call fired twice.

But what about click tracking?  There is no metric in adobe analytics for click tracking 'repeat' instances.

I know user flows in Analysis Workspace have the 'exclude repeat instance' which is great if you have a specific flow, but really doesn't work if we've trying to evaluate every button click and every page across the entire app/website.

So does anyone have a methodology that would allow us to use the data in adobe analytics to monitor and measure if our app is double firing beacon calls both on page load and click tracking beacons?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I will answer in 2 parts:

Part 1 There is if you check in network tab a timestamp variable you could capture... then check for duplicates and how many instances of each...


11/8/2019 10:4:40 3 240

Part 2 Single page app tracking...

I think the issue here is the manner of tracking. I assume you have created a pageload event and click action event?

If so then that is the problem... wrong type of tracking methodology. I recommend for all single page apps use a "direct call rule" methodology. On top of that implement Activity map and voila your devs will love you.

Basically direct call rule you setup a code snippet devs fire for page state change. This then triggers as coded at page bottom. Saves all sorts of code race conditions.(one trick though is first time load you will get a double fire so you need to suppress it on first time load).  Activity map is then key as it will also allow you advanced button and link tracking for click engagement.  Minimal dev work as it does it all automatically.

Post page load event like a accordion field click or some modals still may need special custom click tracking but other than that these techniques remove alot of the "double firing issues " i have seen in SPAs.

good luck to you.

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