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I have just found out that the Mobile Screen Size and other screen size dimensions are fundamentally incorrect. This has been explained to me as due to the iPhone user agent not providing details that allow Adobe to distinguish between devices. The way this is handled in the report is to treat all iPhones as early generation (iPhone 3 or earlier) devices. Meaning that when you pull a Mobile Screen Size report the traffic reported against 320x480 is dramatically overstated. My response from Client Care that it is beholden to the customer to fix this issue using an eVar. This issue is also not called out anywhere in the report so unless you do digging into why so much traffic seems to be coming from what appear as older devices you won't discover the problem.

I have two questions:

First is for Adobe: Are there plans to fix this population of inaccurate data by at minimum labeling unknown values as Unknown rather than giving it an incorrect value?

Second is more for the community: Are there other known cases where Adobe populates incorrect data into their dimensions or metrics?

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Answers (2)




For what it's worth, while Mobile Screen Size pulls from user agent and is wrongly getting lumped into 320x480... "monitor resolution" still pulls from the "s" param in beacons, which comes from javascript objects in the browser, and seems to still be correct. I believe this only works for javascript solutions (mobile web) and not app, though.



Thank you. Client care did refer me to that option and good to know that it actually works. However I still have a fundamental problem with the out of the box dimensions being populated incorrectly. I know I can suppress access to those dimensions from non-admin users but when something like this is incorrect (and by all appearances knowingly) it makes me question what else in the tool is wrong.