Mobile screen size dimension doesn't show all sizes?

philipk92120636 23-08-2019

Hi there,

Our mobile screen size dimension seems to be a little limited compared to the data we receive in Google Analytics e.g. we don't have any screen widths of 375px in Analytics but in GA it's listed as the most popular mobile screen width.

Is there any extra configuration required to pick up the screen size or should Analytics work it out from the user agent string?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

philipk92120636 29-08-2019

This was my bad . The mobile screen size dimension includes the device pixel ratio multiplier. I found my lost iPhones when looking under 750px rather than 375px.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

philipk92120636 28-08-2019

I contacted Customer Care and they responded by sending me in the direction of DeviceAtlas as they informed me that the mobile screen size dimension is parsed based on lookup tables set up on their end.

I've sent DeviceAtlas a message but I'm not very optimistic that they'll be able to help.

Even if the Adobe data is based on their lookup tables, surely everyone would be facing the same issue with missing screen sizes? I would have thought there'd be a single set of tables referenced by all Adobe Analytics installations (that'd possibly vary by AA library) and that DeviceAtlas wouldn't really have any direct interaction with our implementation of Analytics.

David-123 26-08-2019


We use window.screen (JavaScript Window Screen), however this was on a much older implementation around 5 years ago. I am surprised you don't have it now, we have had it out of the box for at least 2 years now.

I would reach out to client care and ensure your libraries and implementation are fully up to date.



philipk92120636 23-08-2019

Hi David! Thanks for getting back to me. Incidentally, for 320x480 the only devices we get are Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch (very old school).

To save it as an eVar, did you use a URL parameter to get the resolution or was it slightly trickier than that?

David-123 23-08-2019


I have seen this on another implementation (all iphones registered as 320 x 480 even if they were an iphone 7). We got round it by adding resolution as an evar.

However my current implementation shows everything as expected with 375px being the most popular (as you might expect). I assume this must be something to do with libraries if the issue is on going.