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andersonjh 30-09-2019

We are just now adding mobile analytics to our web analytics. In Launch, i have to choose between mobile or web. Can I create web and mobile report suite and then a web, iOS, and Android virtual report suites from it? If so, how? Is there a video or documentation? I haven't been able to find any.

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andersonjh 30-09-2019

Can you help me understand how to add mobile tracking into a Launch report suite? In theory, I would just add the report suite ID to the mobile SDK but does the fact that the report suite is filled out theoretically as a web (not mobile) suite?

That makes sense about separating. I can just separate android and ios by their os's. Is that the best way in your opinion?


Hey Anderson,

The report suite is just a data repository. You can capture web and mobile data in every report suite.

Yes, you can set up virtual report suites. Just think about an attribute to use in the segment as a definition to distinguish data sources (web1, web2, app1, app2, ...)