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Hi All,


How does marketing channel work when a user is opening several tabs during the same session?


For example:

  • Suppose a user sees an Adwords campaign to an eCommerce site and clicks on it.
  • After he lands on the site, he sees multiple products on the landing page and starts to open several tabs for each product.
  • The user finishes the session in a different tab from where he landed on the site

How does the marketing channel report is going to look? 


The reason for this question is regarding the direct traffic channel. If the user keeps opening tabs, at some stage Adobe Analytics might think that he's actually coming from direct traffic. My concern is regarding inflating direct traffic data. The screenshot below is an example that I've created simulating the above example (coming from Adwords and opening several tabs).





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This would depend 100% on your specific organization's marketing channel rules as well as if you use a custom visit definition.

If you do not have direct set up to override other channels and you use default visit expiration (30 minutes), there wouldn't be a new channel set.

Opening a new tab does not instantiate a new visit, unless there had been a 30 minute + gap between analytics server calls.  Furthermore if direct doesn't have the ability to override other channels, paid search would persist.