Misleading segment creation from Fallot report




I've a question: When creating a segment out of the fallout path, I actually DO NOT get the user journeys who abandoned this path, right? I automatically get only the successfull ones.

Example: I look at Fallout report for journey: Page A - Page B - Page C
When clicking "Create Segment From Fallout Path" I get a Visit segment with: Page A then Page B then Page C
ONLY user journeys including Page C will be displayed, right?

How to get BOTH of them? The ones that abandoned the process between Page A and B and the ones that continued until Page C?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ale,

You would want to generate a separate fallout report with the partial journeys to get that data. You can also manually create those segments in the segment manager. Once you drag two elements in separate containers, you have a dropdown that contains "AND/OR/THEN". You'd want to select "THEN", which is the primary basis of sequential segmentation.

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