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Would be great if someone help me on this question

Is there any way to migrate/import Google analytics data to Adobe analytics? If it's possible, will you please give some inputs on this or any online standard document which has this info. If it's not possible, let me know the exact details of why this is not allowed in Adobe Analytics.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I never have done this so I'm just assuming some points based on experience. maybe Gigazelle​ can add some points if I miss them...

first: don't do it

I know, sound strange. but based on my experience with both tools, neither naming nor counting metrics ever match up. even if its the same idea, the logic is not the same ... I personally wouldn't go that way...

more reasons later on...

historic data

basically there is a way to import data to adobe analytics. as far as I know you can export google analytics data, modify it and upload to adobe analytics. but if you do this, you would be billed by each row you import (per server call billing).... at least that is the normal way. ask your adobe contact or customer care about the import possiblities and format

but: new visitors

however, if you decide to import the data you would break "visitors" (users). that means adobe has its own visitorID and they wont fit. that means you would have a new visitor for each person who comes to your website for the first time after changing tool. guess this will need some explanation to the business

workaround: summary data

I don't know what exactly you want to achieve. but you could upload some vasic summary data (eg. daily summary of visitors for each site section). as far as I know you wont get billed for this... maybe this is a way to get at least some high level metrics into adobe analaytics and not loosing the history completely...

further resources:

- How to Get Data In and Out of SiteCatalyst - Part I | Adobe Blog

- Data Sources: Experience Cloud Help

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Answers (2)




Urs hit the nail on the head - it's definitely possible to some extent, but the complexity to pull it off would not be worth it.

Instead, I'd recommend flipping the switch between significant reporting periods, such as month or fiscal year. That way if you need historical reporting, anything before X date you can check GA, but after that check Adobe Analytics.

Visitor identification is definitely going to be your largest obstacle in making a smooth transition between tools. It'd be infinitely easier to simply start collecting data in Adobe Analytics and use it moving forward. You could use data sources to import data, but even then I hold the personal opinion that it's not worth it.



Thanks a lot ursboller for your valuable inputs. We'll check on the possibilities and get back if we need some additional information.

Its really very helpful.