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Hello Adobe Community !

My data scientist team is having some trouble at getting a calculated metric through the report API. In this calculated metric i'm calculating a division of the single Page Visits Metric by the Entries Metric.

I checked this out by printing all the metrics using the Dancing Cactus Python Librairies for Adobe Analytics Reporting API 1.4 in my IDLE Python environnement, and among all the metrics I can find my Calculated Metric, but could not find the Single Page Visits.

So my question is , could it be possible that the API cannot report the metric Single Page Visits, and by extension my Calculated Metric ?

Is it like the Data Wharehouse where some metrics have not been calculated/processed yet and thus cannot be extracted ?

I Believed that the report API had access to anything on Adobe Analytics.

I need fast confirmation on this, so any help would be really appreciated !

Cheers to the Adobe Community !

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mario, if you haven't already, I'd recommend giving the v2 APIs a shot. It's the exact same API that workspace uses to pull reports, so if you can do it in workspace, you can also do it in the v2 API.

Let me know if you're able to get it working!

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