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I am trying to see what is the logic/definition behind a metric in Adobe Analytics.

Usually when I click on the 'i' icon, I can see details on what defines the metric or else I can look up the Adobe Analytics reference guide which gives me a breakdown of the definition.

However, there is one metric that I cannot find any details on. The metric was set up prior to when I started working in my current role.

The metric is called 'Signed-in (e9) exists'.

We currently understand it as recording the number of 'Signed-in' or 'logged in' users to our site, but we need to get confirmation as to its definition.

Is there any way for me to get more information on what is the logic/definition behind this metric?

Many thanks.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Emmet,

This is metric is a custom metric, called a success event, that is specific to your site. My best recommendation is for you to work with your administrator and implementation team to figure out how and when this metric is called.

Based on how it was named, I'm guessing it's captured in event9. If you want to try and find out how it is populated on your own, you can use the Experience Cloud Debugger to find event9. Here is a helpful video on using the Debugger: How to Use the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger

Hope that helps!

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