Merchandising eVar Loses Product Syntax Assignment

jeff_bloomer 24-01-2018

I was curious to find out if anyone has been encountering the same issue as I am when creating Merchandising eVars.  The issue I'm encountering comes after I initially set up the eVar as Merchandising and assign it as using product syntax.


When I hit 'SAVE', I notice that the values for Merchandising and Allocation have changed:


Anyone else also encountering this bug besides me?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

jeff_bloomer 25-01-2018

So I think I figured out how to get around the issue, but it's not intuitive.  The workaround is to explicitly select the Merchandising field and select Product Syntax, even though the interface shows Product Syntax has been selected by default.  One would expect the eVar to save with all selected defaults, so this is one redundant step you have to take in order to avoid editing the eVar again.

I'd call it a minor bug, but it could become a problem if users don't realize it's happening.

Thanks again!

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

jeff_bloomer 07-03-2018

Yes, in fact I found that I had to make sure to do that for both the Merchandising field as well as the Allocation field.  Otherwise, after saving, it defaults to Conversion Variable Syntax and Original Value (First) respectively.   Now that I know it's not just me, I know it's not an isolated incident.

pankajkarole 07-03-2018

Observed the same behavior when I was trying to set this. Thanks for posting the workaround, I was thinking may be I have done it incorrectly the first time.


If you've already created a ticket with customer care, definitely mention this to them and give them exact steps to reproduce. They should be able to get those steps to our engineering team to fix it. That way, the workaround won't have to be used for others in the future.

jeff_bloomer 25-01-2018

It's been happening consistently for two of us that I know of.  It always happens after the first time you enable Merchandising on an eVar.  It displays as I demonstrated above with Product Syntax and Most Recent allocation.  After I've saved, it changes to Conversion Variable Syntax.  Then, I have to go back into the variable and set it to Product Syntax again and save.  After the second save, it stays as Product Syntax.  Very annoying.