Maximum options in a workspace dropdown



I have recently noticed that the dropdown in a workspace only seems to be capable of handling 200 items.


If I wish to create a dropdown filter for countries I am therefore unable to do this as there are more than 200 defined.


Is there any way around this, or am I looking at making a feature request?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




There does appear to be a limit on the number of values that can be selected in Drop-down Filters in Panels. Given this limit, you can apply multiple such drop down filters in the panel for the same dimension item but different values. Lets say drop down 1 has 1st 200 dimension values, drop down 2 has next 200 dimension values n so on.

You can select the desired value from one of the drop down filters and keep other drop downs to "No filter".

Additionally, to submit a feature enhancement request post under "Ideas" section as follows:

Experience League > Adobe Analytics > Ideas > Share an Idea (screenshot below)





Hope this helps!





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Answers (1)




Saumya's suggestion will work if you want to go that route.


From a product perspective, we are unlikely to add support for more than 200 items in a dropdown filter as scrolling through 200+ items in a drop list is not a great experience for most users.