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I am creating a table in workspace, and I have dropped Product as a dimension into the table, however I only want the table to display 300 products out of 35000 products. Is there a way to upload all the product names at once or filter them? I can only seem to search individually?


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Dear HelenaRosey,
I would use segmentation since creating segmentation based on the list is easy after the introduction of 'Equal Any Of'. You just need to include the Products with a comma separator.


Thank You, Arun.




Have you created classifications for the Product variable? I've found that this has been a big help when it comes to handling dimensions with a ton of values, such as Campaigns. 


For example, let's say that the 300 products you referred to are "T-shirts". You could create a classification called "Product Category", and use "T-shirts" as one of the values when you upload the classifications. This will allow you to create a segment that will limit the Analysis Workspace table to only show "T-shirts".