Marketing channels not exhaustively filtering tracking code

aaronc10 03-09-2018


Here's our problem: When we breakdown the "Natural Search" dimension by Tracking Code, there are still rows other than Undefined even when the "Paid Search" rule set is above it. For example, even when the filters are set to scoop for tracking code containing "sem" in Paid Search (order above that of Natural Search), there are still tracking code rows with sem in Natural Search.

You can see from the first picture that most the 'sem'-containing tracking code is correctly bucketed as Paid Search. Some 'sem'-containing tracking code is leaking to Natural Search however.

Particularly puzzled as to why there is still attributable tracking code when the Natural Search rule set specifies that Tracking Code is empty.

Does this indicate that there is a problem with our setup?

Thanks a lot for looking into this






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