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Hi everyone!

My 'natural referrer' marketing channels processing rules are:


If all of the following are true:

  1. Referrer does not match internal URL filters
  2. Tracking code does not exist


What I think it means is traffic that comes from a third-party website that isn't a search engine to differentiate from natural search. However I do see a list of search engine domains when reviewing the report. My search engine rule is super generic:


If all of the following are true:

  1. Matches natural search detection rules
  2. Tracking code does not exist


What am I missing in my rules to get only non-search domains in my natural referrer pot?

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Dear Philip,

Kindly share the report screen grab (You can hide the numbers). Because i doubt you are taking Last Touch Channel broken down by Referring Domain and it is not the right way to do. If you do so, there are various posts by me where i have explained the scenario. Take Last Touch Channel break down by Last Touch Channel Details to understand the same.

If your Last Touch Channel Detail didn't capture the referring Domain, there is no way you breakdown for now. You need to change the Detail and then the implementation.

But if you are taking Last Touch Marketing Channel broken down by Last Touch Marketing Channel Details but still you see the irrelevant domains, then there is problem with processing rules.

Thank You, Arun 

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