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dinesh_prasad_r 01-10-2019

A marketing organization has ongoing marketing efforts across multiple channels. In the past, the organization utilized the following URL parameter their efforts:

mpid:      to identify the marketing agency partner

afid:        for affiliate ID

campId:  to track the campaign ID

itrkid:      for internal campaigns

offerid:    tracks the special offer ID

The marketing manager asks the analyst to provide an example URL that the team can replicate. What is valid landing page URL with appropriate values?


B. page/?cid=123wes?afid=value&campid=value&itrkId=value&mpid=value&offerid=value



Thanks in Advance..! Please respond ASAP

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ashokkumarm 03-10-2019

Hi Dinesh,

In URL builder, we need to put "?" after entering URL. If we not use this "?", URL will redirects to Error Page.

For differentiate parameter we need to use "&".

So, the correct answer is D.



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