Marketing Channel Rule for "Social Traffic"



Hi There,

We have currently set a marketing channel rule for "Social Traffic" to be as


This is I assume the very generic rule for identifying social traffic,

Problem is, when we are trying to look at "Last Touch Channel" Dimension inside workspace, for some reason it picks up the public URL as social traffic?

e.g. (instead of showing "" or "" it shows "" or "")

I tried to break it down by entry page but it still showing the same homepage URL. And also the volume for those public URL is actually quite high and wondering if there is any fix to this?

In addition, we have also even add and to s.linkInternalFilters ​setting inside scode library.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hey Felix, just checking, have you also set your own site domain(s) in the Internal URL Filters settings (Admin > Report Suites > General > Internal URL Filters)? 

Or is there any chance that your website domain matches one of the 'social' site strings? e.g. a website called contains '' so would satisfy the condition. 

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Answers (5)




Dear Felixa,

If you have added the domains in Internal URL Filters, you should not see the traffic from the domains under Last Touch Channel.

I guess the secondary dimension you are adding is 'Referring Domain'. Kindly do not use it, Marketing Channel works way different than Referring Domain by itself.

Your secondary dimension should be 'Last Touch Channel Details'. Let me know if you still see your added domains there!

If not, bang, you are on your own.

Thank You




Hi aliskink2​,

Sorry for the long reply, I had to test if the Internal URL Filters solution by setting at least 2 days and see the reporting again, when I checked it today it seems like its still picking up public website as the last touch channel "social traffic" section.

Any thoughts on this?



Hi felixa86813896​ yes, the Internal URL Filters was more of a 'belt & braces' idea.  I think it only affects the Referrers reports, but I suspect the Marketing Channels processing rules might also use the same information.   It would certainly be a good idea to add your domain(s) to the Internal URL Filters anyway - it would do no harm, and it might fix the Marketing Channels issue.   - Let us know if it helps.



Hi aliskink2

That is really interesting, the url actually hasn't been added yet, the reason why it hasn't been added there yet I believe is because we thought that it would be sufficient to include the url inside the scode library on s.linkInternalFilter setting.

If that is not the case, would you be able to help me clarify what is the difference between these 2 setup?

does s.linkInternalFilter exclusively for recognising exit rates whilst the one in UI is for marketing channel processing rule?

Thank you again for the the reply.