Marketing Channel Reports Processing Tracking Codes, But Those Tracking Codes are Not Getting Logged in the Tracking Code Report



Hi everyone!

I came across a very strange discrepancy between the Marketing Channels report and the Tracking Code report. 

I have set up certain Channels (Audio and Email for example) processing rules for the Marketing Channels report to read: 

  • If Query String Parameter CID exists (which is my campaign signifier) and Query String Parameter starts with E, then set to Email. Same for Audio, but starts with A. 

In the Marketing Channels report the Audio Channel has around 60K visits and 63K clicks, the Email channel has 13K visits and 15K clicks. 

In the Tracking code report, the Audio channel has 1K visits and 1.1K clicks, Email tracking codes have 1 click and 1 visit. 

What's strange is the Marketing Channels report is processing based on tracking code. I'm not sure how it's even possible that the Marketing Channel report could get populated, but the Tracking Code Report does not. 

I think it has to do with App traffic, because of the channels I see the issues on. 

Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a glitch Adobe needs to fix? Are there work arounds? 

Much appreciated!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




It would be easier to troubleshoot by a customer care ticket, so that all details regarding the processing rules can be taken into account.

I would recommend reaching out via the customer care channel.

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Answers (1)



I have just discovered the same issue and am just as confused.

I previously reported a Last Touch Channel broken down by the Last Touch Channel Detail report and saw a single tracking code with a 27k visits (expected).  But a Tracking Code report for the same date range shows only 400 visits.

Any insight would be helpful.