Marketing channel "paid search" leads drop to "other campaigns"



I'm quite fresh in AA, used to be Google platform person.


Has anyone experienced this?

What could possibly be the reasons and how to fix this?


Many thanks for your reply in advance, thanks!




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @ATFX-Vic ,


If I have understood it correctly, you have noticed a significant spike in the Paid channel data which have lead to the drop in the other channels data. Based on my understanding this can happen if there is any change is the Marketing Channel Processing Rules recently or due to the change in Analytics or web site implementation.

Please make sure that when you are looking at the Marketing Channel data the use Marketing Channel dimension along with the Marketing Channel Instances metric & if you need to break down Marketing Channel dimension with any other dimension then please set the dimension in the 'Set Channel's' value to' field in the Marketing Channel Processing rule user interface as shown below.




Once the Marketing Channel Processing rules are set you can break down the Marketing Channel dimension with the Marketing Channel Details dimension as shown below.





Hope this helps.







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