Marketing Channel Processing Rules - Misplaced Data




I set up Marketing Channel Processing Rules for about 20 report suites. While most are functioning perfectly, 2 are mis-categorizing site traffic, even though the rules were set up the same.

Please see the attached PowerPoint with screenshots:

Report Suite #1

  1. "Unspecified", "", and "" all appear as Internal Chanel traffic. The rule is set to the Adobe default - using the "Internal URL Filters", which clearly do not include those external domains. The Internal rules is also listed after the Organic and Social rules, so the data should not even reach the Internal rule.

Report Suite #2 

  1. The Email channel is set to display the channel values by their tracking code. Instead, it is showing the destination URL.
  2. Again, the Internal channel is reporting traffic for a domain that is not listed in the "Internal URL Filters"
  3. 1% of traffic shows as "No Channel Identified". The Direct Channel rules are the Adobe defaultsI hoped that these last two steps would catch the rest of the data, but it doesn't seem to have worked. I've read that this might be caused by traffic from secure sites (which do not include a referrer). Is there a good solution, or should I change rule 12 to include all other traffic? 

Thank you for you recommendations.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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