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I am trying to pull Marketing Channel Overview Report. In that I can see '0' data in 'Paid Search', 'Display', 'email'. Please suggest what could be the reason for this.

Also please tell me how to add segment in this report.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello, Please refer the below steps to be confirm if all your rules are perfect and check if does sounds good ex we expect to get data on the paid serach. This I got from Sarah who helped me from this issue long back.

Note - you cannot segment the marketing Chanel data report.

Hi -

Yuppers Here's how to do it.

1. Click on Admin > Reports Suites

2. Select the Report Suite that you are creating these marketing channels for

3. Hover over Edit Settings > Marketing Channels > Marketing Channel Manager

4. On this page, make sure to have a Channel named Paid Search and Organic Search (see screen shot below for a visual)


5. Now click on Marketing Channel Processing Rules (the link is beside the phase "Related links:").

6. This page is displayed (see screen shot below)


7. Clicking on the chevron on the gray bar that says "1 rule identifying Paid Search" you will see the rule (see screen shot below for a visual)


8. The default value for "Set the channel;s value to" is "Search Engine + Search Keyword(s). Given that the keywords are not usually available in analytics any more, I change this value to be "Search Engine" (see screen shot below for visual)


9. And then you see the next Marketing Channel processing rule is "1 rule identifying Natural Search" And when you expand it, you the rule (see screen shot below for visual)


10. As with the Paid Search, I also change the "Set the channel's value to" from "Search Engine + Search Keyword(s)" to "Search Engine" (see screen shot below for visual).


11. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. And you are done!


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Answers (3)



Sounds like something from Experience Cloud (formerly Marketing Cloud, if I remember correctly). However, I don't know specifically what software they're using. I'll push it over to the general Experience Cloud forum until we can find out exactly what software it is.



It could be a problem with your Processing Rules for Marketing Channels. What rules do you have identifying Paid Search, Display, and Email?

What URL parameter(s) do you use for campaign codes in those channels?

You have to tell analytics how to differentiate between the channels for it to give you a report.


Getting Started with Marketing Channels

Processing Rules for Marketing Channels



The Forum Comments where you posted is for comments and questions about the Adobe Forums.

I don't recognize the software you are using by your screenshot. Please identify it and we can move your question to the appropriate forum.