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I have separately defined Paid and Prganic social marketing channels to begin with certain prefixes. For some reason, I am finding Organic Social tracking codes within the Paid Social marketing channel. Please see screen shots below. Additionally, Paid Social lives above Organic Social in the marketing channel processing rules. This is also using the last touch channel marketing report.


Paid Social marketing channel rule for reference


Let me know if anyone has an explanation for this. Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



In your paid social rule you have the logic set to look for either 1) the NYCPS_ CID, or 2) the referring domain of Facebook. This 2nd condition will falsely label almost all of your organic traffic from facebook as Paid Social. That should be the logic that is found in your Organic Social rules instead of your Paid Social rules. You should only need the first set of logic that looks for NYCPS_.

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