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Hello, recently i identified an issue concerning marketing channels i´d like to minimize. I had 2 channels with different names and different rules configured in my report suite that were receiving traffic from the same source, e.g. social media. The query string parameter wasn´t correctly set in all url´s. The rule for the first channel was set to look for a specific parameter in the url and the rule for the second channel was set to look for a bunch of referring root domains.


I wanted all this traffic to be in just one channel. I applied these 2 rules to the first channel, so now this channel is getting all traffic and the second is deprecated.


My question is, could i rename the second channel (same name as first) so i can get when needed all the historical data from both channels in just one row? 




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Each channel has a unique ID assigned to it. You can rename the second channel like the first one but than you will see 2 channels with same name in the reporting. They won't be treated as same channels sue to different unique IDs.

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