Manually Prioritize Requests in Report Builder?



I'm building a Report Builder dashboard, and want the following to be executed in order:

  1. pull some data in a request
  2. manipulate the data using Excel functionality
  3. pull a second request based on manipulated data


In initial request, Report Builder returns:


Then, Excel functionality conditionally pre-pends this info:


Then, second request fires pulling additional information based on manipulated value ( /

It's not as easy as doing a simple dependent request, since the cells being pointed to in second request aren't output cells of first request. I know Adobe allows you to pre-pend hard-coded text when outputting a request, but this doesn't meet my needs as pre-pended text in my case is conditional.

If I were able to tell Report Builder - execute request 1 first, then execute request 2 after request 1 is completed and a small amount of time has elapsed to execute Excel logic, I'd be able to accomplish what I'm looking for. Don't see a way of doing this.

Anyone have insight?

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