Make Tags related with components(Segment/Metric/Dimention) as searchable in Workspace Analysis



I have noticed that if I give a easy to remeber a Tag such as my name to any component and Search it in the filter during working on "Workspace Analysis" space, its not searchable. Though Tags cna be searched seperatly from Component-Segment window, however I beleive it would make more sense for a Tat to be easilty searchabe in the "Workspace Analysis" space, so that they can use the compoentn right away if they can search it easily.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Pradeep,

Thank you for your query. The tags used while creating a segment/metric are searchable in Analysis Workspace > Search Components field. However, you need to user a '#' sign first and then type the tag name for it to appear in the search. See the screenshot below:

Hope this helps!

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